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Our services:

We provide a complete, but also sub-services (to customer) for carriage of cargo, which is its size or weight beyond the normal conditions of transport on roads. That our work is defined in the following points.

Performance and complete security solutions to transport oversized, excess cargo from A to Z, including the provision of loading and unloading.

Our customers suggest an ideal concept for the transport and stowage.

We provide mobile cranes in the place of loading, unloading.

We handle all the requirements and permits for oversized and excessive traffic.

We do routing (route surveys measuring of the passage height underpasses, inspecting the place of loading and unloading).

We provide static calculations bridges.

We provide professional and technical supporting services for oversized vehicles and excessive transport costs.

In case the conditions laid down the law provide for the participation of police escorts.

When combined transport the transhipment port in Bratislava.

Ensure the presence and coordinate activities and services: Technical and assemblers Telecommunications, Power Plants, Railway, Police.

All the services we perform as a priority for Slovakia, but in for export - import - and in transit countries involved.